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Their compact design allows for easy storage in the fridge, making them an essential accessory for any wine lover.

🍷 Shrink Fit Technology: Wine Condoms utilize shrink fit technology to create a water-tight and air-tight seal on any opened bottle. This ensures that your wine stays fresh and flavorful while preventing spills. Simply stretch the condom over the bottle opening and let it shrink to fit perfectly.

😂 Functional and Funny: These bottle stoppers are not only practical but also bring a touch of humor to your wine-drinking experience. Designed to put a smile on anyone’s face, Wine Condoms are perfect for lightening the mood and making your gatherings more fun.

🎁 Perfect Gag Gift: Wine Condoms make an excellent gag gift for friends and family who enjoy wine. Pair them with a bottle of their favorite vintage for a hilarious and functional present that is sure to be a conversation starter.

🌟 Celebrity Approved: Endorsed by celebrities and featured on popular shows like NBC’s “TODAY” and CNBC’s “Make It,” Wine Condoms have gained a reputation for being both funny and effective. Celebrities like Amy Poehler, Sharon Stone, and Melissa McCarthy have all praised this unique product.

💡 Innovative Design: Invented by a mother-son duo, Wine Condoms were inspired by a makeshift wine seal that resembled a condom. This innovative and creative solution to resealing opened bottles has become a hit, providing a practical and entertaining way to keep your wine fresh.

🔒 Leak-Proof Technology: The leak-proof design of Wine Condoms ensures that you can store your bottles upright or on their side without worrying about spills. This makes them perfect for refrigerators, wine coolers, or any storage situation.

🌿 Food Grade Materials: Made from 100% food-grade rubber latex, Wine Condoms are safe for use with all types of beverages. Their high-quality materials ensure durability and reliability, so you can use them with confidence.

🍾 Universal Fit: These bottle stoppers are compatible with almost all bottle sizes, making them a versatile solution for sealing wine, liquor, and other beverages. No need to buy different stoppers for different bottles – Wine Condoms cover them all.

📏 Compact Storage: Unlike traditional bottle stoppers that add extra length to the bottle, Wine Condoms fit snugly without extending the height. This allows for easy storage in the fridge, saving space and preventing the bottle from tipping over.

🛡️ Freshness Preservation: By removing air and creating an air-tight seal, Wine Condoms help preserve the freshness and taste of your wine for up to a week. Enjoy your wine at its best, even days after opening the bottle.

Feature Description
Material 100% Food-Grade Rubber Latex
Technology Shrink Fit Technology for air-tight seal
Compatibility Fits most wine and beverage bottle sizes
Leak-Proof Yes, prevents spills and leaks
Durability Reusable and long-lasting
Storage Compact design for easy fridge storage
Endorsements Featured on NBC’s “TODAY” and CNBC’s “Make It”
Inventors Created by a mother-son duo
Celebrity Users Amy Poehler, Sharon Stone, Mila Kunis, Melissa McCarthy
Gift Suitability Perfect gag gift for wine lovers


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