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The individually controlled temperatures allow you to simultaneously grill and hot pot, offering a diverse range of dishes. With its compact design, it’s perfect for intimate meals or larger gatherings, providing a delightful cooking experience for 2-12 people.

Dual Temperature Control: The standout feature of the SEAAN Electric Grill is its dual temperature control. Independently adjust the temperatures for the hot pot and grill with the 5-speed temperature adjustment, ensuring each side cooks to perfection. 🌡️🥩

Multifunctional Culinary Delight: Say goodbye to monotony in your meals. This electric grill is not just for grilling; it’s a multifunctional delight. From succulent steaks to a flavorful hot pot, the innovative divider allows you to create two different culinary experiences at once. 🍲🍖

High-Quality Material: Crafted with a solid aluminum body and a non-stick coating, the SEAAN Electric Grill ensures a healthy and user-friendly cooking experience. The 110V 2400W power provides efficient cooking for a variety of dishes. 🔥🍳

Easy to Clean: The hassle of post-cooking cleanup is minimized with the automatic oil connection design. The frying pan oil is efficiently directed to the oil tank through the oil discharge port, making cleaning a breeze. Enjoy your meal without worrying about a messy aftermath. 🧼✨

Hot Pot Barbecue Experience: Hosting a gathering? The SEAAN Electric Grill is your ticket to a hot pot barbecue experience at home. The decent-sized hot pot accommodates 1-8 people, making it ideal for indoor gatherings. Revel in the joy of communal dining with this versatile appliance. 🥢🥩

Compact Design for Intimate Gatherings: Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a small family gathering, the compact design of this indoor hot pot grill caters to intimate settings. Experience the joy of cooking and sharing meals in the comfort of your home. 🏡🍽️

Efficient Cooking Power: With 110V 2400W power, this electric grill ensures efficient and quick cooking. No more long waiting times; enjoy the convenience of a powerful appliance that brings your culinary creations to life swiftly. ⚡👩‍🍳

Capacity for All Occasions: From cozy family dinners to larger gatherings, the SEAAN Electric Grill Indoor Hot Pot adapts to all occasions. Its capacity to serve 2-12 people makes it a versatile choice for various events, providing a delightful culinary experience for everyone. 🎉🍲

Feature Specification
Temperature Control Dual, 5-speed adjustment
Material Solid aluminum body, Non-stick coating
Power 110V, 2400W
Cleaning Automatic oil connection design
Capacity 2-12 people
Multifunctional Design Grill and hot pot with divider
Suitable for Steaks, veggies, shellfish, hot pot, etc.
Indoor Gathering Usage Ideal for gatherings of 2-12 people

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