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QZDG 15.3 Flavorizer Bar Alternative for Weber 7636,Spirit 300 Collection, E310,SP-310,E-320,E330 with Entrance Management Grill Elements Warmth Plates 5Pack

Alternative Elements for Weber 2015 Fashions(with Up Entrance management panels): E-330 46810001, Spirit-330 46800401, Spirit-330 47800401

Grill Elements Alternative for Weber 2014 Fashions(with Up Entrance management panels): E-310 46513101, E-310 47513101

Alternative for Weber 2013 Fashions(with Up Entrance management panels): E-310 46510001, E-310 47510001, E-320 46710001, Spirit-310 46500401, Spirit-320 46700401, Spirit-320 47700401

Package deal: set of 5 chrome steel taste bars. Dimensions: 15.3″ L x 2.6″ W x 2.5″ H (OR: 15-5/16 inch lengthy, 2-9/16 inch large, 2-1/2 inch excessive). The bars will distribute warmth evenly and straightforward to scrub up, won’t have corrosion issures from climate publicity. Ensure you MEASURE THE SIZE of your authentic components and evaluate with ours BEFORE you order

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