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Plus, being dishwasher-safe and BPA-free adds a layer of convenience and peace of mind. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos and hello to hassle-free microwave cooking!

The Prep Solutions Microwave Rice and Pasta Cooker is your answer to quick and mess-free cooking, perfect for individuals and families with a busy lifestyle. Designed specifically for the microwave, it excels in cooking and reheating your favorite rice dishes.

The locking lid, a standout feature, secures tightly to prevent spills and messes, making it an ideal solution for hassle-free meal preparation. With a generous 12-cup capacity, it caters to the whole family, producing up to 8 cups of perfectly cooked rice.

Beyond rice, this versatile cooker serves as a vegetable steamer, pasta cooker, and more, making it a valuable addition to your kitchen. Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent on the go, or anyone seeking quick and nutritious meals, the Prep Solutions Microwave Rice and Pasta Cooker is a kitchen essential.

🍚 Perfect for All Rice Types: The Prep Solutions Microwave Rice and Pasta Cooker is tailored for all types of rice, ensuring quick and efficient cooking or reheating in the microwave. Say goodbye to stovetop hassles and welcome the convenience of microwave cooking.

πŸ”’ Locking Lid for Spill Prevention: Featuring an easy-locking lid, this cooker ensures a secure seal to prevent spills and messes while preparing your favorite meals. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with mess-free microwave cooking.

🍽️ Generous 12-Cup Capacity: With a substantial 12-cup capacity, this microwave rice cooker is perfect for family dinners. Cook up to 8 cups of rice with ease, providing delicious and perfectly cooked meals for the entire family.

🌽 Versatile Cooking Options: Beyond rice, this cooker offers versatility as a vegetable steamer, pasta cooker, and more. The set includes additional accessories like a pasta draining insert, vegetable steaming insert, and measuring cups and spoons for added convenience.

πŸ”„ Dishwasher Safe and BPA-Free: Prioritizing your safety and convenience, the rice cooker is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe (Top Rack Recommended). Enjoy quick and easy cleanup, making it an ideal kitchen companion for busy individuals and families.

⏳ 1-Year Limited Warranty: The product comes with a 1-year limited warranty, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in your purchase. Progressive International stands behind the quality of their product, offering repair or replacement for defects found under normal use.

🍜 Quick and Mess-Free Microwave Cooking: Experience the joy of quick and mess-free microwave cooking with the Prep Solutions Microwave Rice and Pasta Cooker. No more watching pots on the stoveβ€”simply lock, cook, and enjoy delicious meals in minutes.

🏑 Kitchen Essential for Busy Lifestyles: Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent on the go, or someone seeking hassle-free cooking, this microwave rice and pasta cooker is a kitchen essential. Embrace the simplicity of microwave cooking without compromising on taste or convenience.

Feature Specification
Cooking Capacity 12 cups
Included Accessories Measuring spoons and cups, rice paddle, steaming insert, pasta measurer, locking lid
Versatility Rice cooker, vegetable steamer, pasta cooker, and more
Safety Features Locking lid, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe (Top Rack Recommended)

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