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Xiaomi IH Smart Home Electric Rice Cooker 3L alloy cast iron IH Heating pressure cooker multicooker kitchen APP WiFi Control

Xiaomi IH 3L Smart Electric Rice Cooker With Smartphone APP WiFi Control 220V-50HZ IH Heating 3000+ Cooking method
IH surrounded by electromagnetic heating
PFA titanium powder coating

More than 3000 kinds of cooking rice automatic matching 
Every meters have different features, general steps can be cooked rice cooking, but not delicious. After repeated tests, we have accumulated more than 3000 kinds of cooking rice, using a mobile phone APP scans the bar code on the packaging can automatically match, let every meters the mistresses, sweet and delicious.

From the soft to the full, who can make a good a bowl of rice
Intelligent control technology, let you can according to different preferences to adjust grain degree of hardness and softness. For friends from afar custom a moderate soft waxy rice, even the novice, kitchen also can do that easily.

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