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Its compact yet spacious design makes it ideal for kitchens of all sizes, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting use. Whether you’re cooking up a storm or simply need extra counter space, this kitchen island is a versatile and stylish solution.

  1. Convenient Storage: Offers ample cabinet space to store small appliances, pots, pans, and more, keeping your kitchen clutter-free and organized. 🗄️
  2. Spice Rack & Towel Holder: Features a built-in spice rack and towel holder for added convenience, ensuring essential items are always within arm’s reach. 🌶️🧻
  3. Wheels for Mobility: Equipped with wheels for easy movement around the kitchen, allowing you to position the island wherever it’s needed most. 🚛
  4. Locking Casters: Includes locking casters for fixed positioning, providing stability and safety during use. 🔒
  5. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality compressed wood, ensuring durability and longevity, even with daily use. 💪
  6. Compact Design: Compact yet spacious design fits seamlessly into any kitchen layout, making it suitable for both large and small spaces. 🏠
  7. Functionality: Use it as a designated area for meal prep, extra counter space for serving, or as a stylish addition to your kitchen decor. 🍽️
  8. Easy Assembly: Simple assembly process makes it quick and hassle-free to set up, so you can start enjoying its benefits right away. 🔧
Feature Details
Dimensions (inches) 35 H x 46.65 W x 15.5 D
Material High-quality compressed wood
Storage Capacity Cabinet space, drawer
Additional Features Spice rack, towel holder, locking casters

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