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6 PCS Mates TV Present Body Cookie Cutters Set Door Turkey Lobster Couch Espresso Cup Central Perk Stainless Metal Cookie Molds

6PCS Mates cookie cutter set,together with 1 Monica and Rachel door body cookie cutter set,1 lobster cookie cutter,1 turkey cutter,1 central park espresso cup cookie cutter, 1 couch cutter.

The door body cookie cutter is approx.3.1*4.1 inches(W*H),the lobster cookie cutter is approx.2.9*3.5 inches(W*H),the espresso cup is approx.3.2*2.5 inches(W*H), the couch is approx.3.9*2.7 inches(W*H), the turkey cutter is approx.3.1*3.1 inches(W*H).

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