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The temperature control versatility makes it suitable for cooking various foods, from delicate pancakes to sizzling steaks. Its sturdy stainless steel countertop is not only a testament to durability but also adds a professional touch to any culinary space.

Easy Construction and Long Service Life: The griddle’s construction is not only easy to assemble but also designed for commercial use. Sided vents enhance its performance, ensuring a longer service life.

Precise Temperature Control: Take command of your cooking with a temperature range from 122°F to 572°F. This feature caters to the diverse requirements of different foods, allowing you to achieve perfection in every dish.

High-Quality Stainless Steel: The 8mm stainless steel countertop ensures higher efficiency, durability, and strength. This griddle is built to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen, providing a reliable cooking surface.

Innovative Design for Convenience: The inclusion of an arc oil leakage hole and a drawer-type oil box adds convenience to your cooking routine. Cleaning up residue becomes a breeze, making your post-cooking tasks hassle-free.

Applications: Whether you’re grilling burgers at a barbecue, cooking breakfast at a brunch event, or preparing a variety of dishes in your restaurant, this countertop griddle is up to the task.

Feature Details
Construction Stainless Steel
Temperature Range 122°F to 572°F
Countertop Thickness 8mm
Design Arc Oil Leakage Hole, Drawer-Type Oil Box
Versatility Commercial and Home Use
Cleaning Easy to Clean

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