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Whether you’re whipping up pancakes for a family breakfast or preparing a feast for a commercial setting, this electric griddle is your reliable companion. The countertop design maximizes your kitchen space, making it perfect for both home kitchens and professional setups.

Thermostatic Control: The griddle’s thermostatic control allows precise temperature adjustments up to 572°F, catering to the diverse cooking requirements of different foods. Experience even heat distribution for thorough and perfect cooking.

Large Capacity: With a 22″*14″ cooking area, providing 372 of space, this griddle is perfect for preparing large quantities of delicious food. Cook pancakes, bacon, grilled cheese, fajitas, stir-fries, omelets, and more with ease.

Easy to Clean: The durable stainless-steel construction ensures superior cleanability, and the non-stick surface facilitates stick-free cooking and effortless cleaning. The welded splash guards and built-in grease channel with a removable grease tray make cleanup quick and convenient.

Electric Countertop Design: The electric griddle allows you to cook without worrying about flare-ups or flavor loss from leaked juices. Its premium-grade stainless-steel construction ensures stability, compactness, and resistance to compression. The countertop design makes it easy to place on existing work tables and chef bases, maximizing your kitchen space.

Feature Details
Cooking Area 22″ * 14″
Temperature Range Up to 572°F
Power 1500W
Construction Stainless Steel
Cleaning Non-stick Surface, Removable Grease Tray

Transform your cooking experience with precision, power, and ease – TAIMIKO 22″ Commercial Electric Griddle, where culinary dreams come to life!

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