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The Drinkmate instaFizz is your ticket to enjoying bubbly refreshment anytime, anywhere. With the power to carbonate any drink, this portable sparkling water and soda maker is perfect for those who crave a twist of fizz in their favorite beverages.

Whether you’re making homemade sparkling water, jazzing up your morning coffee, or reviving a flat soda or beer, the instaFizz puts you in control with a simple twist. Its user-friendly carbonation system ensures you can enjoy your choice of sparkling drink in a matter of seconds.

The bottle, crafted from eco-friendly stainless steel, is designed with your convenience in mind, and the carry ring makes it easy to handle. Opt for the optional insulating sleeves to keep your drink colder for longer and enhance your grip. Take charge of your hydration with the versatile and portable instaFizz.

Carbonate Any Drink On the Go: 🌐 The Drinkmate instaFizz empowers you to carbonate your favorite drinks wherever you are. Whether it’s homemade sparkling water, refreshing juice, zesty lemonade, bold coffee, or even a revitalizing wine, the instaFizz can add a delightful twist of fizz to elevate your beverage experience.

User-Friendly Design: 🤗 The carbonation system of the instaFizz is designed with simplicity in mind. Enjoying your choice of sparkling drink is a matter of seconds, thanks to the easy-to-use twist mechanism. The bottle is equipped with a convenient carry ring for hassle-free handling, making it the perfect companion for those on the move.

Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Bottle: 🌿 Crafted with sustainability in mind, the instaFizz features an eco-friendly stainless steel bottle. Not only does it contribute to reducing single-use plastic waste, but it also adds a touch of durability and style to your beverage container. Choose from four colors to match your personal taste.

Runs on 8g CO2 Chargers: 💨 The instaFizz operates efficiently with Drinkmate 8g CO2 chargers. Simply insert one CO2 charger into the bottom opening of the bottle, twist, and start the carbonation process. These chargers are also recyclable, aligning with the eco-friendly and sustainable nature of the instaFizz.

Money-Saving & Eco-Friendly: 💰 Say goodbye to expensive single-use drinks that come in plastic or glass bottles. With the instaFizz, you can create your own carbonated beverages at home or on-the-go, saving money and reducing your environmental footprint. The reusable bottle accommodates various beverage additions, from lemons and berries to herbs and ice.

Optional Insulating Sleeves: 🧤 For an enhanced experience, opt for the insulating sleeves available for the instaFizz. Not only do they keep your sparkling drink colder for longer, but they also provide improved grip. Enjoy the perfect level of fizziness with the added comfort of a well-insulated bottle.

Endless Beverage Options: 🥂 Unleash your creativity with the Drinkmate instaFizz. Experiment with different recipes and create classic or innovative sparkling drinks. The bottle has a large opening for easy customization, allowing you to add lemons, berries, herbs, or simply ice for a personalized and refreshing experience.

Perfect for Healthy Hydration: 💧 The instaFizz is not just about carbonation; it’s about healthy hydration with a twist. Enjoy the benefits of sparkling water or infuse your drinks with natural flavors, creating a guilt-free and enjoyable way to stay refreshed throughout the day.

Feature Specifications
Carbonation Capacity Can carbonate up to 15.5 oz at a time
Bottle Material Eco-friendly stainless steel
CO2 Compatibility Drinkmate 8g CO2 chargers
Optional Accessories Insulating sleeves in four colors
User Convenience Carry ring for easy handling
Environment-Friendly Recyclable CO2 chargers
Colors Available White (plus optional insulating sleeves in four colors)
Money-Saving Reusable bottle for creating own carbonated beverages
Dimensions Portable size for on-the-go use

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