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Premium Quality Assurance: TuTuBo Board Mats boast premium quality, being made from BPA-free materials. With a thickness of 1mm, these mats surpass similar products in the market, promising longevity and reliability. 🌟

Stylish Color-Coding: Experience the convenience of color-coded mats with food icons – Red for meat, Green for vegetables, Blue for fish, and Yellow for fruit. TuTuBo Board Mats keep your kitchen organized, ensuring each mat is used for its designated purpose. 🎨

Safety and Stability: The innovative Texture Waffle Gripped Back sets TuTuBo Board Mats apart. This grid-textured bottom provides stability on most surfaces, making them ideal for any cooking task. For added assurance on wet or slippery surfaces, a dampened paper towel can be placed beneath for unparalleled stability. 🚀

Easy Handling and Storage: TuTuBo Board Mats are not just about functionality; they are designed for ease of use. Lightweight, flexible, and anti-skid, these mats are easy to handle. Their ability to curl to a certain angle facilitates easy pouring of chopped food, streamlining the cooking process. 🔄

Dishwasher-Friendly Convenience: Simplify your post-cooking cleanup with TuTuBo Board Mats. Dishwasher safe (≤90℃), these mats ensure effortless maintenance, saving you time and effort. Enjoy the benefits of hygiene without compromising on convenience. 🍽️

Unmatched Durability: TuTuBo Board Mats are engineered for longevity. The 1mm thickness ensures durability, making them stand out in terms of quality and endurance. Invest in kitchen essentials that are built to withstand the demands of everyday cooking. 💪

Organized Cooking Spaces: Say goodbye to mixed flavors caused by using the same chopping board for different foods. TuTuBo’s color-coded mats with food icons bring order to your kitchen, ensuring a unique board for each food category. Keep your culinary creations distinct and delicious. 🌈

Q: Are TuTuBo Board Mats dishwasher safe? A: Yes, TuTuBo Board Mats are dishwasher safe, ensuring convenient and easy cleanup.

Q: How do the color-coded mats help in the kitchen? A: The color-coded mats with food icons provide an organized system – Red for meat, Green for vegetables, Blue for fish, and Yellow for fruit – preventing mixing of flavors during food preparation.

Q: What sets TuTuBo apart in terms of stability? A: TuTuBo Board Mats feature a Texture Waffle Gripped Back, providing unmatched stability on various surfaces. For wet or slippery areas, placing a dampened paper towel beneath ensures exceptional stability.

Q: Can TuTuBo Board Mats handle heavy-duty chopping tasks? A: Absolutely, the 1mm thickness of TuTuBo Board Mats ensures extra sturdiness, making them suitable for heavy-duty chopping and cutting tasks.

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