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🔄 Collapsible Design: Take this versatile bin anywhere with its collapsible design. Pack it with your camping essentials, and its slim profile ensures it fits in tight spaces for easy storage.

💪 Tough Construction: Crafted from durable plastic and plastic rubber, this collapsible wash bin is built to last. It can easily endure frequent use, handling bumps, and dings without losing its structural integrity.

🧼 Multipurpose Functionality: Beyond an ice bucket, this collapsible bin serves as a cleaning caddy or mop bucket during camping trips. It’s also an ideal car wash bucket on road trips, making it a multipurpose companion for various activities.

🚗 Carry with Ease: The sturdy lip around the top doubles as a handle, allowing you to carry the filled collapsible bucket effortlessly after use.

Feature Details
Materials PP/TPR (plastic/plastic rubber)
Dimensions Overall: (L) 14.75″ x (W) 10.75″ x (H) 5″; Collapsed: (H) 2″
Capacity 10 liters
Color Blue

With a 10-liter capacity, this collapsible bucket serves as a reliable ice bucket, ready to keep your drinks refreshingly cold during camping, tailgating, and gatherings. Its collapsible design ensures easy portability, fitting seamlessly into your camping supplies with a slim profile for convenient storage.

Crafted from tough plastic and plastic rubber, this wash bin can endure frequent use, handling bumps and dings effortlessly. The multipurpose functionality expands its utility beyond a mere ice bucket – it transforms into a practical cleaning caddy, a convenient mop bucket, or a reliable car wash bucket on road trips.

The sturdy lip around the top doubles as a handle, allowing you to carry the filled collapsible bucket with ease. Choose the Outdoor Collapsible Multiuse Wash Bin for its portability, durability, and versatility, making it an essential addition to your outdoor adventures.

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