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The primary reason to buy this storage rack is to keep your BBQ equipment, especially those used with Blackstone griddles, neatly organized. It provides a designated space for storing grilling accessories, seasonings, and other essentials, ensuring that your grilling area remains clutter-free.

Easy Access: By having a dedicated storage rack, you can easily access your grilling tools and seasonings when needed. This eliminates the frustration of searching for items or having to dig through drawers and cabinets while cooking.

Efficient Use of Space: The rack is designed to maximize space efficiency. It can hold a variety of grilling accessories, such as spatulas, tongs, brushes, grill covers, and more. This efficient use of space means you can keep all your grilling essentials in one place, saving you time and effort during your grilling sessions.

Compatibility: This rack is specifically designed for use with Blackstone griddles, which are known for their versatility and popularity among outdoor cooking enthusiasts. It’s designed to fit 17-inch, 28-inch, and 36-inch griddles, making it a versatile storage solution for Blackstone griddle owners.

Reduced Clutter: By storing your grilling accessories and seasonings on the rack, you can significantly reduce clutter around your grilling station or outdoor cooking area. This creates a cleaner and safer environment for cooking and entertaining.

Enhanced Safety: Keeping grilling tools and seasonings organized and off the ground can enhance safety during grilling. It reduces the risk of accidents caused by tripping over scattered items or reaching for utensils in an unorganized manner.

This storage rack is designed to hold all your BBQ accessories for your Blackstone griddle. It comes in 17/28/36 inches and can be used to store your seasonings, sauces, and utensils. Keep everything within arm’s reach while you’re cooking up a storm on your Blackstone griddle.


capability barbecue accent storage rack, there may be sufficient area to retailer what you want when grilling for straightforward storage. All muddle is accepted, not messy


2 mounting plates and screws, 1 hex wrench


Excessive-quality supplies, thickened body, thickened load-bearing materials, secure storage. With framed floor and heightened protecting fence


Totally suitable with 17/28/36 inch griddles, together with desk surfaces. Robust load-bearing capability, sq. tube construction, uniform load, straightforward to disassemble

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