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The 45cm square pan provides ample space to experiment with flavors and textures, creating personalized frozen delights. Its intelligent temperature control guarantees consistent results, making it ideal for both aspiring home chefs and seasoned professionals.

Intelligent Temperature Control: The XEOLEO Ice Fry Machine takes precision to the next level with its intelligent temperature control. Achieve the perfect texture and consistency in your frozen creations, whether it’s rolled ice cream, sorbet, or other delightful treats. 🌡️

Generous 45cm Square Pan: The expansive 45cm square pan provides ample space for your culinary adventures. Experiment with various ingredients, mix-ins, and flavors to create unique and personalized frozen masterpieces. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 🍨

Sleek Stainless-Steel Design: Elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen or dessert station with the XEOLEO Ice Fry Machine’s sleek stainless-steel design. Not only does it perform with excellence, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your culinary space. ✨

Powerful Brand Compressor: The inclusion of a powerful brand compressor ensures the reliability and efficiency of the ice frying process. Enjoy consistent performance, shorter freezing times, and a smoother overall experience with this high-quality component. ⚙️

Automatic Defrost Function: The automatic defrost function adds a layer of convenience to your ice frying endeavors. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual defrosting and enjoy a seamless and efficient operation every time you create your frozen delights. ❄️

Compact and Portable: With dimensions of 510510440mm and a weight of 38kg, the XEOLEO Ice Fry Machine is compact and portable, making it suitable for various settings. Whether it’s a kitchen countertop or a mobile dessert stand, this machine adapts to your needs. 🚚

CE Certified Quality: Rest assured with the XEOLEO Ice Fry Machine’s CE certification, indicating compliance with high-quality and safety standards. Enjoy your frozen creations with confidence, knowing that this appliance meets stringent requirements. 🏆

Temperature as Low as -25 Degrees: The XEOLEO Ice Fry Machine allows you to explore the world of frozen desserts with a temperature as low as -25 degrees. This capability opens up possibilities for unique and exciting frozen creations that go beyond traditional ice creams. 🌬️

Feature Specification
Power (W) 800W
Voltage 220V50HZ/110V60HZ
Pot Size 45cm
Refrigerant R410A
Temperature -25 degrees
Product Dimensions 510510440mm
Weight 38kg

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