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🌐 G1/2 Connector (Male) Exclusive: This replacement spray head is designed exclusively for G1/2 Connector (Male), ensuring a perfect fit. It’s about 2 cm or 0.8 inches in size, making it a tailored and efficient replacement for your kitchen faucet.

🌈 Quality Material and Finish: Crafted with engineering-grade plastic (PC/ABS) and an industry-leading chrome finish, the spray head not only looks elegant but also resists scratches. The high-quality material ensures longevity and durability.

🚿 Soft Water Flow: Experience a soft and gentle water flow with this spray head. The premium material construction ensures that water comes out softly, providing a comfortable and efficient kitchen experience.

🔄 Easy Installation: The elegant ergonomic design of the pull-out spray head makes installation a breeze. Simply unscrew your old shower head and replace it with this new one to transform and upgrade your kitchen effortlessly.

🛠️ Sleek and Functional Replacement: This pull-out spray head is the ideal replacement for a broken or clogged one that came with your faucet. No need to purchase the entire setup—this functional replacement saves you time and money.

⚙️ Compatibility Check: Ensure compatibility by checking that the pull-out head is designed for G1/2 connector (Male). Please refer to the detailed product page for dimensions and thread type before ordering.

🏡 Kitchen Transformation: Upgrade your kitchen without a full overhaul. This sleek and functional pull-out spray head enhances the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen, providing a modern and efficient water flow.

🌟 Tailored Design: The spray head is designed specifically for the standard type of pull-out hose. Before ordering, check the size and thread type to ensure it matches your existing faucet setup. Enjoy a customized and tailored replacement solution.

Feature Details
Modes Stream, Spray, Aquablade
Connector Compatibility G1/2 Connector (Male)
Material Engineering Grade Plastic (PC/ABS)
Finish Chrome
Size About 2 cm or 0.8 inches
Compatibility Note Designed for standard pull-out hose

This versatile spray head offers three modes—stream, spray, and the powerful aquablade mode, ensuring a tailored water flow for various kitchen tasks.

Crafted with high-quality engineering-grade plastic and an industry-leading chrome finish, this replacement head not only looks elegant but also resists scratches for long-lasting durability.

With an easy installation process and compatibility with standard pull-out hoses, it’s a sleek and functional solution to upgrade your kitchen without the need for a complete overhaul.

Save time, money, and effort with this tailored replacement, providing soft water flow and a modern aesthetic to enhance your kitchen’s efficiency and style.

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