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10 Inch Oval Bread Banneton Proofing Basket with Liner Fabric– Set of two + Premium Bread Lame and Slashing Scraper, the best Baking Bowl for Sourdough and Yeast Bread Dough by Criss Elite

Set of two for Baking Bread, together with: 10 inch (D) x 6 inch (W) x 3.5 inch (H) Banneton Proofing Basket, Liner Fabric, Skilled Bread Lame, Dough Scraper. Every banneton holds 1.5 kilos of dough, excellent calibrated for any Dough recipe involving Flour, Water, Salt and Yeast both Sourdough or Yeast Bread Dough. Our Proofing Baskets enable dough to develop and breathe, being able to proving in a single day within the fridge tightly coated.

Created from Rattan Cane materials free from dye and chemical substances, Bannetons have No odor. Resulting from Rattan pure properties, banneton’s floor is clear and clean, with No Mildew or any wooden chips.

These Bannetons along with Bread making instruments like Slashing Scraper, Bread Lame along with Liner Fabric are very inexpensive! Bannetons come along with a flyer with wholesome easy recipes that guides you to change into an excellent Bread Baker!

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