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🛡️ Durable Brass Construction: Crafted from high-quality brass, these adapters guarantee durability and longevity. The robust construction ensures resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

🔄 Easy Installation: Installing these brass adapters is a hassle-free process, suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The precision engineering of LASCO ensures a snug fit, preventing leaks and ensuring a reliable connection.

🧰 2-Piece Kit: The LASCO 10-0061 set includes two adapters, providing users with a complete solution for their plumbing needs. Whether you’re working on a small home project or a larger plumbing installation, this kit has you covered.

📏 Compact Dimensions: With compact dimensions of 0.75″L x 0.875″W x 0.875″H, these adapters are designed to fit seamlessly into your plumbing system without taking up unnecessary space. Their small size makes them versatile and suitable for various applications.

⚙️ Universal Compatibility: These brass adapters are designed to ensure universal compatibility with standard plumbing components. They can be used with a wide range of faucets, pipes, and compression fittings, providing a versatile solution for plumbing projects.

🚿 Ideal for Faucet Connections: Specifically crafted for faucet connections, these adapters offer a reliable and leak-free solution. Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or bathroom fixtures, the LASCO 10-0061 Brass Faucet Adapter ensures a secure connection.

🌧️ Indoor and Outdoor Use: The durable brass construction makes these adapters suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you’re working on kitchen plumbing or outdoor installations, these adapters provide a reliable solution.

💼 LASCO Quality Assurance: As a brand synonymous with quality, LASCO ensures that these brass adapters meet the highest standards. With LASCO 10-0061, users can trust in the reliability and durability of their plumbing connections.

Table of Main Features:

Feature Details
Material Brass
Dimensions 0.75″L x 0.875″W x 0.875″H
Connection Types 1/2 Female Pipe Thread, 3/8 Male Compression
Kit Contents 2 Pieces
Universal Compatibility Yes
Indoor and Outdoor Use Yes

The 1/2 female pipe thread and 3/8 male compression fittings offer flexibility and ease of installation, making it a perfect choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Crafted from durable brass, these adapters ensure longevity and resistance to corrosion, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

With LASCO’s commitment to quality, the 2-piece kit guarantees a precise fit, preventing leaks and ensuring a secure connection. Upgrade your plumbing system with LASCO 10-0061 for durability, precision, and peace of mind.

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