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Experience the joy of outdoor grilling from the comfort of your kitchen with the 12″ Solid Iron Grill Pan. Designed to work on all cooktops and even suitable for outdoor use, this pan is a versatile addition to any kitchen arsenal. 🍳

Cool Touch Handles: Say goodbye to burned hands with our twin-speed cool handles. Crafted from 300 series stainless steel and inspired by vintage wood stove door handles, they not only stay cool longer but also cool off faster, providing a comfortable grip for effortless cooking. 🖐️

Authentic Grill Marks: Impress your guests with picture-perfect grill marks and mouthwatering flavor. The true BBQ-width grill ribs on this pan ensure consistent heat distribution and retention, resulting in beautifully seared meats, veggies, seafood, and more. 🔥

Easy Release Surface: Tired of scrubbing stuck-on food residue? Our grill pan features a machined and polished surface that minimizes sticking and makes cleaning a breeze. Plus, it’s free of chemical coatings and comes pre-seasoned for immediate use. 🧼

Built for Real Grilling: Take your grilling game to the next level with this pan’s wide grill ribs, which allow for radiant heat from below, imparting authentic grill flavor to your favorite foods. From steaks and burgers to chops and veggies, everything tastes better with a hint of barbecue. 🥩

Durable Construction: Handcrafted in the USA from solid iron, this grill pan is built to last a lifetime. Its thick base and walls ensure even heating and heat retention, while its timeless design adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. 🇺🇸

Indoor/Outdoor Convenience: Whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen or enjoying a backyard barbecue, this pan is your go-to companion. Oven safe and suitable for use on all cooktops, it’s the ultimate tool for versatile cooking adventures. 🌟

Enhanced Flavors: Elevate your culinary creations with the rich, smoky flavors imparted by this grill pan. From classic barbecue favorites to innovative culinary experiments, the possibilities are endless with this essential kitchen tool. 🍽️

Feature Description
Material Solid iron
Compatibility Works on all cooktops, suitable for indoor/outdoor use, oven safe
Handles Twin-speed cool handles made from 300 series stainless steel
Grill Ribs True BBQ-width grill ribs for authentic grill marks and flavor
Surface Machined and polished for easy release, pre-seasoned with natural flaxseed oil
Construction Handcrafted in the USA, thick base and walls for even heating and heat retention
Dimensions 12″ diameter


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