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The adjustable thermostat control, ranging from 50-300ᵒC, ensures precise cooking temperatures, while the thick food-grade cooking plate guarantees fast and even heat distribution for perfect results every time.

Whether you’re a cafe owner, operate a canteen, or simply want a hassle-free solution for outdoor cook-ups, this griddle is your all-in-one answer. Say goodbye to concerns about running out of gas or dealing with the bulkiness of traditional BBQs – the Electric Countertop Griddle is your recipe for success.

High Cooking Power: The Electric Countertop Griddle boasts an impressive 3000W of cooking power, making it a commercial-grade machine suitable for heavy-duty cooking. This power ensures quick and efficient cooking, perfect for busy cafes or restaurants looking to enhance kitchen efficiency. ⚡

Large Cooking Surface: With a spacious 548x350mm cooking surface, this griddle is designed for high-capacity cooking. Whether you’re serving customers in a busy establishment or hosting a family gathering, this griddle’s size allows you to prepare and serve a variety of dishes with speed and precision. 🍳

Safety First: The griddle is equipped with safety features, including an overload circuit breaker and non-slip rubber feet. These ensure a secure cooking experience, providing peace of mind for both professional chefs and home cooks alike. 🔒

Adjustable Temperature Control: The thermostat control allows for temperature adjustments between 50-300ᵒC, catering to the precise cooking needs of various dishes. The thick food-grade cooking plate ensures even heat distribution, contributing to consistently delicious results. 🌡️

Wide Range of Use: The sleek design of the Electric Countertop Griddle makes it a versatile addition to any kitchen setting. Whether you’re running a cafe, canteen, or hosting an outdoor event like a sports carnival cook-up, this griddle eliminates the hassle of traditional cooking methods. Say hello to efficiency and convenience! 🌐

Convenient Plug-and-Play: With a US plug, the Electric Countertop Griddle is ready to use without any complicated setups. This feature makes it a hassle-free solution for various cooking environments, allowing users to focus on creating culinary masterpieces rather than dealing with technicalities. 🔌

Feature Specification
Cooking Power 3000W
Cooking Surface Size 548x350mm
Temperature Control 50-300ᵒC
Safety Features Overload circuit breaker, non-slip feet
Versatility Ideal for cafes, canteens, outdoor events
Plug Type US Plug

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