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Make your soda-making process smoother and more cost-effective with the CGA320 G1/2 CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter Hose. This product is perfect for refilling small CO2 tanks from a larger one, ensuring you never run out of carbonation.

Whether you’re a home soda maker, a Sodastream enthusiast, or simply enjoy fizzy beverages, this adapter hose offers a hassle-free solution. The 36-inch braided stainless steel hose, coupled with 100% solid brass fittings, guarantees strength and durability.

The included pressure gauge enhances safety, providing real-time pressure monitoring, and the dual on-off valves make the entire process user-friendly. Say goodbye to frequent trips for CO2 tank replacements and enjoy continuous soda-making at your convenience.

🌐 Premium Materials: The CGA320 G1/2 CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter Hose boasts a 36-inch hose braided from high-quality stainless steel and 100% solid brass fittings, ensuring longevity and airtight connections. With a working pressure of 3000PSI, it’s both strong and durable, offering a safe and reliable solution for soda enthusiasts.

🎯 User-Friendly Design: Equipped with a pressure gauge, this refill adapter provides a clear indication of pressure magnitude, enhancing safety during use. The two on-off valves for filling and venting make the entire process easy and efficient, catering to users of all experience levels.

🔄 Versatile Application: This refill adapter is designed to refill small CO2 tanks from larger ones, making it a versatile solution for soda makers and Sodastream users. Ensure compatibility by checking that the CO2 tank’s thread type is US CGA-320(G1/2) before making a purchase.

⚖️ Quality Assurance: Backed by a one-year quality guarantee, the CGA320 G1/2 CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter Hose provides peace of mind. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product, the quality after-sales service ensures a prompt and satisfactory resolution.

📏 Optimal Hose Length: The 36-inch hose offers flexibility and convenience during the refilling process. The braided stainless steel construction ensures durability and prevents kinking, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for all your carbonation needs.

🌟 Enhance Soda-Making Experience: Elevate your home soda-making experience with this essential accessory. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of running out of CO2 and the frequent need for tank replacements. Enjoy continuous soda-making with ease and efficiency.

🔄 Quick and Efficient Refilling: The dual on-off valves streamline the refilling process, making it quick and efficient. Whether you’re a seasoned soda maker or a beginner, this refill adapter simplifies the entire procedure, allowing you to focus on enjoying your favorite fizzy drinks.

🎁 Perfect Gift for Soda Enthusiasts: The CGA320 G1/2 CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter Hose makes for an excellent gift for soda enthusiasts. Give the gift of convenience and continuous carbonation, ensuring that your friends and family can enjoy their favorite beverages without interruption.

Feature Specification
Hose Length 36 inches
Materials High-quality stainless steel, solid brass
Working Pressure 3000PSI
Valves Dual on-off valves for filling and venting
Compatibility US CGA-320(G1/2) thread type

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