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CtoC Japan Select 1set Santoku Knife & Petty knife Silver 6.5inch (16.5cm) 5.3inch (13.5cm) japanese kitchen knive Steel

● Material: Edge stainless-steel , Handle PBT resin

● Santoku Knife Total Lenght: approx. 11inch ( 28cm ) , Blade:approx. 6.5inch ( 16.5cm ) ● Petty knife Total Lenght: approx. 9.5inch ( 24cm ) , Blade:approx. 5.3inch ( 13.5cm )

● Santoku Knife: Weight approx. 110 g (3.9 oz) ● Petty knife:Weight approx. 50 g (1.8 oz)

● Color: Edge Silver , Handle Black

Japanese knives have their very own unprecedented shapes and are with out parallel on the earth as knives created for slicing completely different meals, together with fishes and greens, and are important for delicate Japanese dishes.

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