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Ideal for both home and commercial use, it ensures quick and smooth blending every time.

Powerful 1800W Motor: ⚡ The blender’s 1800W motor, combined with 6 bidirectional blades, offers incredible blending power and speed, reaching up to 48,000 RPM. It effortlessly crushes ice and blends ingredients quickly, making it perfect for any kitchen task.

Smart Presets for Convenience: 🤖 With four intelligent presets, this blender simplifies the process of making smoothies, milkshakes, hot drinks, and grain blends. One-touch operation ensures you get the perfect texture and consistency every time, saving you time and effort.

Durable and Long-Lasting: 🛠️ Constructed with high-quality pure copper blades, this blender is built to last. The sturdy materials ensure a long service life, making it a reliable addition to your kitchen.

Large Capacity Container: 🥤 The 68oz (2L) container is perfect for making large batches of your favorite drinks and dishes. Whether you’re preparing a meal for your family or catering to a crowd, this blender can handle it all.

Self-Cleaning Feature: 🧼 Cleaning up is a breeze with the self-cleaning function. Simply add a drop of soap and warm water, and the blender cleans itself in 30 to 60 seconds. The motor base can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth, making maintenance hassle-free.

BPA-Free and Safe Materials: 🌱 All materials used in this blender are BPA-free and food-grade, ensuring safety and peace of mind while preparing your meals. It’s designed to be safe for both you and your family.

Variable Speed Control: 🚀 The multi-function variable speed control allows you to achieve the desired texture by adjusting the knob during operation. This feature provides ultimate control over your blending, ensuring perfect results every time.

Non-Slip Suction Feet: 🦶 The non-slip suction feet keep the blender stable during use, whether you’re in the kitchen or outdoors. This safety feature ensures the blender stays in place, providing a smooth and secure blending experience.

Usage: 🍓 From smoothies and shakes to soups and sauces, this blender is designed to handle a wide range of kitchen tasks. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for any culinary enthusiast, whether at home or in a commercial setting.

Easy to Handle: 💪 The BPA-free cooking mixer is not only durable but also easy to handle. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during use, making it easy to operate for extended periods.

Feature Specification
Motor Power 1800W
Blade Speed Up to 48,000 RPM
Blade Material High-quality pure copper
Container Capacity 68oz (2L)
Presets 4 intelligent presets (smoothies, milkshakes, hot drinks, grains)
Cleaning Self-cleaning function
Safety BPA-free, food-grade materials
Speed Control Variable speed control
Base Stability Non-slip suction feet
Usage Suitable for home and commercial use

The 1800W Smoothie Blender stands out with its powerful motor and smart presets, making it perfect for blending frozen fruits, vegetables, and crushing ice with ease. Its durable construction with high-quality copper blades ensures long-lasting performance, while the large 68oz container is ideal for both family meals and commercial use.

The self-cleaning feature and BPA-free materials make it safe and easy to maintain. With variable speed control and non-slip suction feet, this blender offers both precision and stability, making it a must-have in any kitchen.

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