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Faucet Adapter Equipment, 5PCS Kitchen Sink Brass Aerator Adapter Set Male Feminine Sink Faucet Adapter for Backyard Hose, Water Filter, Normal Hose through Diverter

CozyHouse Hose Aerator Adapters in 5 most typical MALE and FEMALE sizes for you, FEMALE 13/16 inch-24T, FEMALE 3/4 inch-GHT, FEMALE 3/4 inch-27T, FEMALE 13/16 inch-27T, MALE 15/16 inch-27T or FEMALE 55/64 inch-27T x GHTM 3/4 inch or MALE 55/64 inch-27T, which might join FEMALE backyard hose to MALE or FEMALE faucet, and join MALE or FEMALE aerator to MALE or FEMALE faucet

CozyHouse Faucet Hose Adapter manufactured from sturdy brass, wonderful workmanship and exact threads can cut back leakage and stand up to rust and day by day put on. EACH ADAPTER COMES WITH CUSTOM GASKET

Faucet With out Detachable Aerator, Bathtub Spout, Bathe Pipe, or Pump Type Faucet. Will Not Match Normal Dimension Bathe Hose With out the Use of a Faucet Diverter

With faucet attachments together with Backyard Hoses, Water Filters, Sprayers, Normal Hose through Faucet Diverter, in RV’s, Cache Type Taps, Normal Taps and Different Faucet Attachments

Package deal Dimensions: 2.8 x 0.8 x 2.0 inches

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