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MeatStick BBQ & Kitchen Set , 260ft Wi-fi Meat Thermometer Withstanding Excessive Temperature for BBQ, Oven, Deep Frying, Sous Vide, Range High, Rotisserie, Kamado, Grill & Air Fryer

Monitor real-time temperatures, customise cook dinner alerts, and get notified when your meat’s prepared. Encompasses a cook dinner record with totally different meats to maximise your choices. Suitable with any iOS or Android system.

The MeatStick and MeatStick Mini are each dishwasher-safe, deep fryer-safe and appropriate for low and gradual cooking like sous-vide with their lengthy battery performances (MeatStick 24+ hrs/MeatStick Mini 8+ hrs). The MeatStick comprises an inside sensor (withstands as much as 212ºF/100ºC) and an ambient sensor (withstands as much as 572°F/300°C). The MeatStick Mini comprises 1 inside sensor with heat-resistance as much as 185ºF/85ºC.

Take pleasure in free returns inside 30 days of buy if unhappy.

1 MeatStick (Pink), 1 MeatStick X Charger, 1 MeatStick Mini (Black), 1 MiniX Charger, 1 Case, AA Batteries Not Included, cellphone not included.

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