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Hamilton Seashore Electrical Egg Bites Cooker, Onerous Boiler & Poacher with Detachable Nonstick Tray Makes 2 in Below 10 Minutes, Teal 

Make 2 egg bites, 2 poached eggs or 6 hard-boiled eggs. To prepare dinner eggs, merely pour water into the bottom and place both the nonstick egg chew/poaching tray or 6-egg insert stuffed with eggs onto the bottom.

Why depend on the espresso store or freezer part for egg bites? As an alternative, make your personal egg bites in underneath 10 minutes. Scrumptious recipes are included with this egg chew maker.

Put together mushy, medium, or hard-boiled eggs simply the best way you want them. Not solely will eggs come out completely, this egg cooker saves you time as a result of it is quicker than boiling eggs on the stovetop.

1 Base, 1 Egg Chunk Tray (holds 2), 1 Mushy or Onerous Boiled Eggs Tray (holds 6) and handy water measuring cup.

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